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The Write Decision

Ever since I published my very first book last month (yay!) I’ve been asked the same question over and over again: “How in the world did you do that?”  In response to this, my next few blogs will be about the exact process I used and a detailed analysis of how I got the job done.

Are you ready?

The first thing I did is very much in line with everything I’ve been writing about in this blog and screaming from the rooftops for years: I worked on my mindset.  You see, writing a book is more of a mental experience than anything.  You must first decide deep within yourself that you are a writer and that you have something to write about.  You must realize in your mind that your message is one that is unique and that you and you alone are the only person qualified to tell your story in your voice.

Once I made the determination in my heart that this was something I had to do, I sought help.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  A big mistake too many of us make is thinking that we already have everything we need in order to do whatever it is we want to do.  We think that just because we want to write and have an innate talent for writing that we can just jump in and start writing.  Now, that’s fine and dandy if your plan is to write a blog or a few short stories for your friends or family to read.  But if your plan is to do something as big as writing a book, you’re going to need some help.

I found help in the form of an online program called Self-Publishing School.  I knew that this was something I really wanted to do, so I had no qualms about investing money in myself.  That is another factor that holds too many of us back.  Even though we know that we want to do something, that it is the very reason we are put on this earth, something inside of us balks at the idea of actually putting money behind our ideals.  It’s just too uncomfortable, right?  But what we fail to consider is that staying secure in our comfort zone hasn’t gotten us where we want to be.  Staying in our comfort zone more often than not fails to turn unrealized dreams into reality.

The next thing I did is the last thing I’m going to talk about in this post: I found a mentor.  I found someone who had done what it was that I wanted to do and was willing to talk to me about what they had done and what they had learned.  My very first mentor was assigned to me by SPS, and is a published author of several fiction novels.  I also spoke to someone I know who writes a weekly review column and has authored several books and comics of his own, Hannibal Tabu, as well as another comic book writer, Vince Moore.  I cannot stress enough how having a few simple conversations with these gentlemen was not only enlightening but also a huge factor in reaching a goal that would have been much harder to achieve otherwise.

We’ll talk again, next time more about the actual pre-writing I did in preparation for writing my book.  Until then, always dare to dream!

My first book, Unnatural Selection: The Chambers Effect, has been called The Shining for a new generation and is now available in softcover and as an e-book!


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