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The Five Extraordinary Helpers

A confession: I have found it extremely difficult to continue maintaining a blog as of late. But the reason for that difficulty is a great one for me: I have started writing a book.

To be fair, I had already started writing a book, and in fact produced a rough draft of said book quite a while ago. But it was just that, a rough draft that wasn’t suitable for anyone outside of extremely close family and friends to read.

Recently (March 4th to be exact) I have taken on the task of rewriting, revamping, and revitalizing my project. This entails starting from the very beginning and working my way all the way through to the end.

My initial completion date is set for April 4th. I am doing my best to hold fast to that date, but life happens. As of this writing, on the 25th of March, I am on the fifth chapter of a twelve chapter project, with 18,000 words completed. That puts me at a little less than halfway through the book, and although that is fair progress, I had hoped to be much closer to completion by this time.

It is for this reason that I have been unable to give my blog the attention it deserves as of late. But I believe I may have found a way around this dilemma.

Instead of coming up with new and different topics to write about in my blog, I am going to simply write about how things are going in the writing process, at least until I have finished my book.

In light of that new direction for the foreseeable future I have elected to focus the remainder of this entry on the five types of people who have helped me the most in getting this far into making my dream of becoming a published author a reality.

In no particular order, and without further ado:

  1. Accountability partner – I have several accountability partners and they are all great. We talk every Sunday and discuss what our goals are for the week. I will admit, more often than not I actually fail to complete the goals I set for the week, mostly because I tend to be more idealistic than realistic, but the process of setting the goals and knowing that I am going to have to give an account of how I progressed towards the achievement of those goals is an excellent motivator for me and it works wonders.

  2. Believer – I am so thankful for the people I have in my life who believe in me. Trust me, it’s much easier to accomplish just about anything when you have people in your life who back you with belief. All of my friends believe in me; if they didn’t we wouldn’t be friends!

  3. Coach / Mentor – This person has been where you are and has already achieved the goal that you are setting out to accomplish. They serve the dual purpose of helping you map out the best way to reach your destination and reminding you that your dream is within reach. My personal mentor has written and published nine books so far, and everytime we speak I end up taking pages of notes. This person is absolutely necessary in helping you reach places higher than you’ve ever been before and will save you the time and headache of trying to figure out everything on your own.

  4. Encourager – Kind of like the believer, the encourager is the person who picks you up and keeps you up, the person who constantly reminds you of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This is the person who helps you keep going when things get rough. Even a person who excels in self-motivation sometimes needs an extra push, and this person is available to do just that.

  5. Truth-Teller – Ah, the truth teller. This is the person who tells you the truth about yourself, not in a mean or abrasive way, but rather in a constructive way, a way genuinely meant to help you become better. Although what you learn from this person may be somewhat difficult to swallow at times, if you are anything at all like me you will come to appreciate their honesty. I remember a long-time friend of mine asking me why I hadn’t shared any of my writing with the world. I told him it was because I wasn’t adept in the use of the technology involved. There was a moment of silence before he responded with three simple words that I will never forget: “That’s no excuse.” Those words made all the difference to me and made me get up and make a change.

The types of people I have listed here are the people that I have found to be the most helpful in keeping me on track with reaching my dreams. Most have found a place within my inner circle and are people I talk to regularly. Also, there are people in my life that serve dual purposes; often times my believer doubles as my truth-teller or encourager. The point is no one has to fit in only one of these categories. The most important thing is having these people somewhere in your life, and being willing to be one or more of these to someone else.

Remember, the road to becoming extraordinary is one that is rarely traveled alone.


© 2019 D. R. Bickham