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The Final Lesson

As of late, the days have been quite trying.

Just as I was coming to terms with the fact that my daughter is going to be staying with her mother, I got the news that I had lost my Godmother.

She had a long life. She lived to see 95. But that still didn’t make things any easier.

This is the person who took care of me while my mother went to work from the time that I was three months old. We developed a closeness over the years that I can hardly even describe. I can say without exaggeration that she was one of my favorite people.

And it’s not just that. She was one of the few people in this world who had absolutely unconditional love for me. This was the person who would hide me from the police if necessary. And honestly, with her, my mother, and my grandmother gone, I just don’t feel like I have that level of love around me anymore.

For a while, that thought was really depressing and made the world feel so much darker.

But then I realized something. I realized that even if I didn’t have that kind of love in my life, I could provide that kind of love for other people.

I realized that I could become the same kind of light that she was. I realized that I had the power within myself to make someone else’s day brighter.

That revelation has changed the way I look at things. I see now that everybody has a desire to be loved, but not everybody really has the chance to truly experience it.

I’ve always loved my family. But I realized that as an introvert I don’t really express it much.

I also realized that needed to change.

Now, I make sure that the people around me know how special they are to me. I don’t go overboard into sappy but I just make sure that they know that I love them and appreciate them.

And it’s not just family. I now make it a point to offer a kind word or smile to the people around me. I strive to be a blessing, friend, or encouragement to anyone who needs it.

So, in her passing, my Godmother, Marie Henton, has provided me with one final lesson: The lesson of love. And I intend to do everything in my power to make her proud.

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