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Reaching For Your Dreams

This year has been a time of great change for me.  I have developed an overwhelming sense of positivity and self-confidence that has totally changed my life.  I have come to the belief and understanding of the great potential that exists within all of us, the ability to make our dreams come true in ways we never imagined.

I have also come to the realization that anything we want out of this life, anything we expect more than an average and mundane existence is going to take some work.

Now I’m sure I’ve turned off a whole lot of readers with that last statement.  If we are to be honest with ourselves, most of us want as much as we can get with as little effort as possible.  The problem with that kind of thinking, however, is that without working towards something, we’ll end up with the default, which will be legions below what we really want.  The saddest part is that many of us settle for this default and as a result live mediocre lives, never reaching for the things we really want out of life.

If the truth be told, however, we do work for things we really want.  Men daily go through extraordinary lengths to win over a woman they want.  We will buy lavish gifts, take them out on extravagant dates, and spend countless hours talking or texting back and forth about absolutely nothing of any relevance.  Women will likewise work towards getting that man they want as well; they will put on clothes and shoes that are insanely tight and uncomfortable, laugh at ridiculously dumb jokes, and totally rearrange their schedules just to make sure that they are at just the right place at just the right time to win their target’s attention.

Each and every one of us has the capability and inner drive to work hard for what we really want.  Why then don’t the majority of us direct that energy towards the fulfilling of our dreams?

The answer is simple for most of us.  We simply aren’t programmed to think that way.

For many of us, our thoughts have been rooted in dream denial.  When we are children we are programmed to think that our minds should always be rooted in reality.  Our teachers tell us to stop daydreaming.  People who are labeled “Dreamers” are often placed in categories synonymous with “Flakes” or “Weirdos”.  We are encouraged to think soberly and get a proper education so that we can reach the pinnacle of getting a great job instead of following our aspirations to do more than the norm.

We are essentially taught to deny ourselves.

The challenge, then, that most of us face is working towards making our dreams a reality.  For some of us, the dream has been pushed down and suffocated so much that we actually have to rediscover what it is that we really want.  I assure you, rediscovering your dream and uncovering the reason you are here, the very reason you exist, is well worth the effort.

I have stated before that my reason for being, my very calling in life is to write.  But even though I know this, even though it resonates through my entire being with every waking breath, I still have to work on it.  There are times when I don’t feel like writing, other times when I feel like there are far more important things I should be doing; however when I press forward, when I develop a steel resolve and decide that today I am going to write no matter what, I feel an indescribable sense of accomplishment, like I am truly on task to completing my mission in life.

This is the feeling I wish for all of you to have.  But the only way you’re going to get there is to begin the process of figuring out what it is you’re here to do…and actually start doing it.  You must develop an unstoppable attitude and realize that at times it’s going to get hard, going to require quite a bit of perseverance on your part, but in the end it will definitely be worth it.  You must not let fear or naysayers stop you.  In the accomplishing of your dreams you will need to conquer your fears and rid yourself of negativity.

You must know and realize that you already have everything you need inside of yourself to make your dream a reality.  The potential exists within; only you have the key to unlock it.

On a personal note, I lost my aunt, Pauletta Oates, yesterday.  She was an ardent supporter of this blog and constantly encouraged me to keep at it even during the times when I felt tired or overwhelmed by the other things that were going on in my life.  She referred to it as my ministry and was always happy to read what I had written and offer uplifting comments.  She will be missed.

We’ll talk again…


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