Pick of the Week: Suicide Squad #6

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As I've mentioned several times on the Talking Comics with Dion podcast, if you aren't reading Suicide Squad - start.

There's so much good stuff here I just don't know where to start. Tom Taylor is a beast when it comes to writing (another fact I've spoken about several times on the aforementioned podcast) and this book is no exception. That coupled with Bruno Redondo's art makes this book, hell this series, a must have.

If you couldn't tell from the great cover art, this issue lands the Squad to Gotham after the brutal events of the last issue...and straight into a confrontation with Batman.

This book delivers on all fronts, from the continuation of last issue's story, to the fun action sequences, to even delivering laugh out loud moments (the interaction between Batman and Deadshot at the conclusion of the issue is hilarious).

Even if you haven't read any of the previous issues, this issue stands alone if necessary, giving all the information you need to enjoy it fully.

The only thing anyone could complain about on this book is the fact that Batman doesn't look to be at his best. But that's an issue that's been present through more than just this book (again, spoken about on the podcast) and I'm beginning to think it's a deliberate move by DC at this point.

In short - Suicide Squad is a great book that is sorely underrated and deserving of your attention. If you even remotely enjoy comics, you really should be reading this series.

We'll talk again next week, when I'll feature my next pick of the week!

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