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My Two Cents: House of X #1

Warning: The following contains spoilers for House of X #1, currently on sale from Marvel comics.

“My family has spent our entire lives being hunted and hated. The world has told me that I was less when I knew I was more. Did you honestly think that we were going to sit around forever and just take it?”

These are the words of Cyclops, and the family he is referring to is mutant kind in general. Although his words are somewhat harsh, they are the sentiments of the mutants of the world under the leadership of Charles Xavier.

Wait, what?

This isn’t an alternate reality, folks. Charles Xavier and the X-Men have officially had enough. They have gone so far as to set up their own island residence, an island that allows no human visitors. Furthermore, they have declared their island a safe haven for all mutants, created their own language that just happens to be incomprehensible to normal humans, and insist on being recognized as a nation-state.

I can’t help but to think that if Magneto or Apocalypse did this there would be a huge problem.

Speaking of Magneto, he is actually one of Xavier’s ambassadors and delivers the most chilling line of the book when he informs a group of humans that they have new gods now.

To be fair, Xavier isn’t coming across as a complete villain. After all, he is offering the world three exclusive drugs made from flowers produced by the island (and presumably the pharmaceutical company he acquired) that extend human life, protect against mental illness, and serve as a powerful antibiotic. Of course, in order for a nation to be eligible to receive said drugs, they must recognize the sovereignty of Krakoa, the mutant island state.

Honestly, I kind of understand where Charles Xavier is coming from. For years, he has watched his kind be relentlessly oppressed by those who were, quite frankly, inferior. And for years, he unceasingly fought against those who would take the world by force from those very same oppressors.

I can see where that particular song and dance would get real old real fast.

But here’s the thing: Charles Xavier and the X-Men are supposed to be heroes. This means that they should be held to a higher standard. This means that they should stand for what is right regardless of the personal cost because of that very fact.

The question now is: Are the actions of Charles Xavier and by default the X-Men heroic?

Can it really be considered heroic to attempt to grant a psychopathic murderer amnesty when he literally just assaulted and possibly killed others in the middle of a robbery?

Can it really be considered heroic to invade the minds of others and extract information from non-combatants simply because you can?

Can it really be considered heroic to declare yourselves as the new gods of the world?

I can’t say for sure, but when the same people you once stood against are now standing with you…well, at the very least you should probably reconsider your actions.

Notice anything Sinister about this pic?

What do you think? Are Xavier and the X-Men taking it too far, or do you feel that their actions are justified? Drop a comment below and let your opinion be known!

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