• drbickham

Making up your Mindset

When I was a child, my mother had an interesting sign that she put up on her living room wall, slightly above where the TV was situated.  I, being an average kid, spent quite a bit of my childhood in front of said television and sign, so of course I read it more times than I can count.  Even now, years later I can still recount with crystal clarity that sign and the words that glared out at me more times than I can count:

“Don’t take life so seriously…You’ll never get out of it alive.”

The next twenty or so years of my life was spent doing just that: not taking life seriously.  I didn’t take school seriously.  I didn’t take relationships seriously.  I basically became a bundle of impulse, pretty much doing what I wanted when I wanted and not really caring about what happened as a result because, you guessed it, I just wasn’t taking anything seriously.

The pattern continued for years into adulthood.  I got married on impulse, and was divorced in pretty much the same fashion.  I didn’t care much about keeping a job because I could always get another one.  I would blow my money on trivial things, never giving a second thought to the effect of my actions.

It would be years later that I would eventually grow tired of the instability, and years after that before I would discover how to go about changing my lifestyle and moving into the realm of becoming extraordinary.

I came to the understanding that it was all about my mindset.

You see, as a child I was programmed by what was around me.  It became the basis of my existence as I became what was ingrained upon my mind.

As people, we aren’t particularly different.  Just like I was programmed to be a certain way, so are we all.

Think for a moment about some of your core attitudes and beliefs.  Then think about how you learned those beliefs and values.  How did you develop your attitude about money and relationships?  What have you learned about self-confidence and doubt?

Are you ready for some great news?

No matter where you are now, no matter what you’ve been up to this point, you can change your mindset to one of greatness.  You can decide here and now that you are going to reprogram yourself and establish a new way of thinking.

You can become extraordinary.


© 2019 D. R. Bickham