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From Dream to Reality

On March 3rd, I took to the task of making my dream of writing a book a reality.  Fifty days later, on April 23rd, the book was finished.

To say that finishing the book felt great would be an understatement.  It felt awesome and incredible, like I had reached a plateau that I had been striving to reach for years.  And all it really took from me was committing to doing it and making the time to work on it everyday.

You know there’s a reason I’m telling you this, right?

On that first day that I sat down to write that book, I had nothing.  Well, physically, I had nothing.  I sat down in front of a blank computer screen.  The words did not magically appear.  The writing spirit did not magically descend and settle upon my shoulders.

But what I did have was determination.  What I did have was an unquenchable desire to see my dream become a reality.  I wanted it badly, almost more than I wanted air!  And it was that drive, that grasping onto a dream refusing to let it go that kept me at it day after day, chiseling away at it page by page, word by word, until the book was a 40,000 word reality.

I’ve said all of that to say this: our dreams do not have to stay dreams.  I believe that if we take the time daily to move in the direction of our dreams, if we take purposeful steps towards making our dreams a reality, it will happen.  All it takes from us is the willingness to put in the time daily towards working on it.  Remember, even the largest boulder can be reduced to a pebble if it is consistently chiseled down.

If you have an unrealized dream, go after it!  Why not take a hour out of your day for the next fifty days to work on making it a reality?

After all, the only one who has the ability to make your dreams a reality is you.

We’ll talk again.

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