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Facing the Fear

In my experience, I have found that there is one thing, one factor that determines more than any other if a person is to make the move from ordinary to extraordinary, one factor that can turn the tide either in favor of or against a person who is trying to do something outside of the norm.  That single factor?  Fear.

Before I continue, I need to make a clarification.  There are many people who base their lives on the absolute avoidance of fear.  If it frightens them they shy away from it.  These are the people who are too afraid of losing money to invest, too afraid of change to explore a new field, and too afraid of failure to try anything outside of the norm.  They don’t grasp the concept that failure is in actuality a stepping stone to success, and should be used as a learning experience.

We all would benefit from developing the capacity to look at the failures in our lives the way scientists look at a developing serum.  They expect to come across problems and failures in the lab.  They don’t expect things to go perfectly the first time.  They understand that it might take years to perfect their work.  Nevertheless, they continue on, learning from every failed attempt until the time is reached when their experiment becomes a success.  They persevere through the tough times, adapting to changes and making the necessary corrections along the way.  Finally, one day it all comes together, and when it does all of the trials and tribulations they encountered along the way are rendered null and void.  All that matters in that day is the final product.  All that matters in the end is victory.

Essentially, that is the primary difference between those that make the jump to extraordinary and those who do not.  Understand, the extraordinary person is not the fearless person.  Extraordinary people face the same fears as everyone else.  The difference is not in experiencing the emotion of fear, but rather in how that emotion is handled.

I am willing to admit that I still feel fear at times.  When I decided to write a blog, the first thought that popped up in my mind was a fear that I wasn’t a good enough writer to do this effectively.  Then I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to write about week after week.  Then I was afraid that the blog would be a waste of my time and no one would even read it.  In truth, I still deal with those fears every single time I sit down to prepare a blog.  But the thing that I have learned that has helped me more than any other single factor is to act regardless of the fear.  Even though my daily affirmations have no declaration that I am fearless, they certainly declare that I am unstoppable.

In his book The 10X Rule, legendary salesman and businessman Grant Cardone talks about fear as a good thing.  He in effect says that if you aren’t fearful about a goal that you’ve set then your goal isn’t large enough.  I have taken this principle to heart in my goal setting.  Right now, I have a ridiculous goal of writing a book and publishing a book by summer.  Do I fear that I might not be able to meet this goal?  Of course I do.  Do I fear that people will not find my book interesting?  Yes, I feel that one too.  Am I going to let any of those things stop me from writing 1500 words a day as I chisel away at reaching that goal?  Absolutely not.

We would all do well to realize that fear is always going to be present when we attempt to do anything extraordinary.  We should also realize that we should take on an unstoppable attitude and not let our fears keep us from accomplishing our dreams.  In order to create extraordinary success for ourselves, we must elect to be diligent and unrelenting in the pursuing of our dreams.

Remember, even the largest boulder can be chiseled down to the size of a pebble if consistent effort is applied.  And essentially that’s all any of our fears are, boulders that need to be chiseled down to size.

Make a determination today to no longer allow fear to keep you from reaching your dreams.

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