Comic Book Pick of the Week: Daredevil #20

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Warning: The following article will definitely contain spoilers from recent issues of "Daredevil"!

A quick disclaimer: I was never a huge fan of Daredevil. As a kid I always saw him as the guy who was getting beat up, hanging from a cross on top of a church battered and bruised from his last confrontation with whatever villain had laid into his sorry ass this time.

However, the current run on the title has given me a serious change of heart.

This series, as it stands now, feels like the logical next step for anyone who was a fan of Daredevil's Netflix show. It's full of action and emotion, and the story more than holds your attention.

The run started by putting Matt Murdock, Daredevil's alter ego, through the ringer. During a chance encounter with a random criminal, Daredevil accidentally kills his opponent, and puts himself through hell because of it.

Daredevil's first response is to live in denial. He tells himself that it has to be a trick, that the Kingpin or one of his other enemies has set him up. While he searches for evidence that will never come, a by the book tough as nails detective from Chicago named Cole North dogs his every step determined to bring him down.

From that point, the series continues to get better with each successful issue. Daredevil eventually gets into a fist fight with Cole during an attempted apprehension, only to be rescued by the Punisher; the psychotic killer Typhoid Mary shows up reprogrammed as a nun; and Spider-Man confronts Daredevil and tells him to give up the mask or he will personally track him down and make him stop. The moments are great and they keep getting better.

In the last issue, we learn that a local crime boss has contracted a group of mercenaries to raze Hell's Kitchen. The mercenary group is a formidable and familiar group consisting of Stilt-Man, Crossbones, Bullet, Rhino, and Bullseye.

As the crew gets to work setting the city on fire, Matt, who had given up on being Daredevil to wallow in guilt and sleep with married women (seriously!) decides to get it together and defend his city against the madness.

Which brings us to this latest, gorgeous issue. Daredevil is at his finest as he puts everything on the line to protect his city, wearing nothing but his mask and street clothes. The entire issue is an awesome sight to behold.

Seriously, the fight scenes in this book are insane. And if that wasn't enough, Daredevil gets a helping hand from a few very unlikely sources.

This book is a great conclusion to the story initiated from the very beginning of the series. If you're already a fan of the series, you do not want to miss this issue. If you're not reading the series, I would highly recommend you give it a try, especially with most of the series being available on Marvel Unlimited.

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