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Changing Failure to Success

I had amazing goals for the first month of 2018.  My plan was to write twelve blogs, read four books, and start writing my second book.

However, life had other ideas.  I won’t rehash all that I have had to deal with in the past month.  The bottom line is that I did not accomplish my goals.  Not by a long shot.  Although I have managed to start writing my second book, I wrote a measly two blogs and only read a book and a half.

First and foremost, I take full responsibility for not completing my goals as planned.  Life happens to all of us, and we shouldn’t use it as a crutch when we don’t get the results we want.  Second, I remind myself that I am not defined by my failure.  Every day I am required to make a simple choice, that is whether I will wallow in the despair of the past or look with hope and determination towards the future.  I choose the latter.

It is with that mind frame that I, as well as all of us, can choose to face the day.  Yesterday may have been a mess, but today can be so much better if we choose to make it better.  It’s all about taking responsibility for our lives and making a clear, solid choice.

We all experience failure at some point.  We may have destroyed relationships in the past or failed at a venture we expected to propel us into the future.  But the key is to learn from our failure and use it as a learning tool and a stepping stone to a better tomorrow.

I had amazing goals set for January.  But I also have amazing goals set for February.  I will get those blogs written and those books read.  I may have to devise a new and improved strategy for getting these things done, but the fact is I will get them done.

I would encourage us all to do the same, to set clear, concise goals that will allow us to get where it is we want to go.  I would also encourage us to not give up when we fail, but rather to reevaluate our position, regroup in our corner, and come back out swinging like a champion.

We’ll talk again.

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