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Beware the Aliens!

During my Bible study time this morning, I came across a scripture that piqued my interest:

“Aliens have devoured his strength,

But he does not know it…” – Hosea 7:9.

Being the writer that I am, this scripture immediately attracted me.  It made me thing right away about the punch line for a great science fiction story yet to be written.  I proceeded to copy the scripture down into my notebook for future reference.

However, as I was writing the scripture, a strange thing happened.  The verse literally took on a whole different meaning in my mind as I transcribed it.  As I wrote, I began to think about the scripture in a wholly different light as it began to take on new meaning for me.

I thought about my meditation time, about how I daily ask God to bless me with everything I need to excel in the coming day.  I thought about how I trust him to empower me day after day, to prepare me to handle the things I don’t even know I’m going to have to handle that day.  I thought about the feeling of power I feel after I have asked him for these things, and the confidence I feel when it is time for me to venture out into the world.

But then I thought also about the people I usually encounter during the day, the people who don’t think the way I do, who don’t do the same things I do.  I thought about the people who trudge about their day, meandering from one task to the next with no rhyme or reason, the ones who are content with living moderate and mediocre lives and have no desire to excel at much of anything.

I thought about the people whose life experience consists of watching the lives of others as opposed to experiencing the wonders of life for themselves.

In that one brief moment, I began to understand that these were the people referred to in the scripture as “aliens”.

If something is alien, it means that the thing in question is unfamiliar.  To a person who has made it a point to excel, to be something more than the norm, a person who does not possess the same kind of spirit would be “alien” to the first person.  So, to the person who is making an earnest effort to be extraordinary, people who have no such drive are odd and different to them, and in effect, “alien”.

Don’t misunderstand: I’m not saying that there is something wrong with being different.  We can’t all be the same, I get that.  But what I am saying is that there are certain people in the world who strive to be something more than the norm, to be something more than another cog in the machine.  What I am saying is that there are some people in the world who are born to be something extraordinary.

And an extraordinary person simply cannot understand the mindset of a person who is satisfied with mediocrity.  This mindset is “alien” to us.

Once I saw things in this particular light, I realized that this scripture is not merely meant to be a great set-up for the aforementioned story.  No, this scripture is meant to be a warning.  I believe it is telling us that people who do not share in the same mindset as a person who is striving towards the extraordinary will inevitably drain us of our strength.

Think about it: If you share a vision that another person cannot see for themselves, they will more than likely try to dissuade you from moving towards that vision.

They will sap your strength and you won’t even realize it.

The same goes for people who have made it a habit to live in negativity.  A person who constantly complains will make it more difficult for you to stay focused, as will a person who is a blamer, nitpicker, or just downtrodden and miserable all the time.

These people have no business or place in the lives of the extraordinary.

If you are anything at all like me and actually want to live a live above and beyond the average, I would encourage you to take inventory of the people you surround yourself with.  Are they strength-builders or strength-sappers?  Do they build you up or tear you down?

Do yourself a favor and get rid of the strength-sapping aliens in your life.

We’ll talk again.

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