• drbickham

Becoming Bold

My focus as of late has been on “keeping my head up”, as in not letting anything or anyone take me down from a place of boldness.  I know, as we all should, that I am every man’s equal.  Why then should any of us allow ourselves to be looked down upon by anyone?

In effect, the question of the day should not be “Who’s going to let me?” but rather “Who’s going to stop me?”.

My wife is the prime example of this.  This incredibly unstoppable woman has taken on businesses and even governmental agencies and has come out victorious.  Although she works on a regular basis with high-ranking doctors and judges, she is never intimidated by their status, nor is she afraid of speaking her mind.  She is the epitome of boldness.  Her only concern is doing what she feels is right and she cares nothing about what anyone else thinks.

This example brings to life an issue so many of us face: we care entirely too much about what other people think about us.  By placing so much concern on the thoughts and opinions of others we subconsciously limit ourselves.  We have great thoughts and ideas but we stifle them out of fear of what someone else will think.

Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult at times to not care about what others think, particularly those who are closest to us.  No matter how strong you are mentally, if you are constantly around someone who is demeaning to you, your confidence will drop.  If you are around a “can’t do” person who doesn’t believe in that great idea you have, your own resolve will waver.

In my experience I have found two ways to combat this dilemma.

The first way is to simply not tell everyone.  Let’s be honest for a moment: there are far more people in the world who will demean or undervalue that great idea of yours than there are people who will believe in and support you.  Some will come straight out and say it: “Come on, you can’t possibly think that idea is going to work.”  Others will be more subversive about it and try to hide it behind false concern: “Can you really afford to do that?  I don’t know…”  We need to recognize these people for who they are, people who are essentially afraid to go out on a limb and are intimidated by your confidence and belief in yourself.

The second way involves you taking a good long look at the people you allow into your “inner circle”, the people you see and talk to the most.  Sometimes we have to face the difficult reality that people who were fun for us to be around at one time simply aren’t healthy for us anymore.  A person who is trying to make an effective change in their life simply doesn’t have time for a person who always complaining or always has something negative to say.

Your self-esteem is like a rock; no matter how great and powerful it is it can still be chiseled down from the size of an immense boulder to the size of a pebble.  And negativity, particularly directed at you from the people closest to you is like a huge chisel, eating away at everything that wants to be great inside of you.

Don’t let negativity steal away the greatness that exists inside of you.  It’s never too late to make a conscious decision to be everything you were put on this earth to be.  You can choose to start now, to make a conscious decision here and now to excel in everything you do from this point forward.  You can choose to live life rather than just exist from day to day.

You can choose to walk in boldness and not let anyone or anything stop you from being the person you were always meant to be.

We’ll talk again…


© 2019 D. R. Bickham