• drbickham

An Extraordinary Choice

I lost my dad yesterday.

The call came just after 6am.  To this day no one can tell me what happened.

My dad had dementia and a few other medical problems, but nothing that should have just stopped his breathing.

Yet, that is exactly what happened.

Oddly enough, I found myself arguing with unseen, unknown forces.  I found myself trying to reason with the unreasonable, trying to make sense out of the senseless.  “He was fine,” I argued.  “I just saw him and spoke to him a few days ago, and he was fine!”

When that argument failed I presented the case of his physical health, about how strong he was even at his age.  Still there was no response from the heavens.  I made a declaration about how stubborn and strong-willed he had been his whole life, and about how his older sister had lived a mere decade short of a hundred years.

The only answer I received was stillness and silence, a clear indication that there was no mistake made.  The Angel of Death had made its choice and had no intention of relenting.

With that realization came acceptance; I remembered my daily prayer that I have prayed every morning for well over a year now: “Lord, please bless me with everything I need to excel in the coming day”.  I remembered how empowered I felt every time I uttered that prayer.

Somewhere in the deepest darkest reaches of my soul, a single light flickered.  As the radiance began to steadily build, I felt strength rise up within myself.

In that moment, I knew that God had done it once again.  He had answered my prayer.  He had already given me all that I would need to make it through this day.

Not only make it through, but excel in the process.

Many of us are going through similar situations.  We may not have all lost a loved one recently, but we all know what’s it’s like to be faced with a difficult situation.  We know the frustration of having to deal with a situation that we have no idea how to handle.  We know how nerve-racking it can be to be faced with a child who insists on making all bad decisions, or a parent who just doesn’t get it.  We’ve been caught up in bad relationships, forced to endure hardship and suffering, and made to look like fools.

But the story doesn’t have to end there.  You can make the decision right here and right now to trust in a power that is greater than yourself.

You can choose to excel.  You can choose to be extraordinary.

© 2019 D. R. Bickham