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The Chambers Effect

Danny and Gina Chambers were the perfect couple, with the perfect love story; Danny returned home from the war in Vietnam and immediately married his long-time sweetheart. Not long afterwards, Gina was blessed with the miracle of pregnancy and the bringing of a new life into the world. The young couple was understandably excited by this new chapter in their lives…

Until their son was born surrounded by a strange glow...

Blood Priest


Warren Priest II wanted nothing more than an ordinary life. Unfortunately, fate had other plans.

After losing his parents as an infant, Warren is adopted by the Youngblood family. He bonds closely with his new sister, Winnie, and things seem to be going well as they prepare to enter high school.

However, the teenagers soon discover that all is not as it seems, and their world is suddenly transformed when they realize that Warren has a frightening ability...


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